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Course Related FAQs

Q. How can a Student Apply?

A. Student can apply online or in person at our academy.

Q. What is the average cost/duration per course?

A. Fee and Duration varies from Course to course. For more information, you can contact our academy, our consultants will be happy to help you.

Q. Does the price included Study materials?

A. Yes. The course fee includes the study materials for the course.

Q. Does Course fee include coaching fee and exam fee?

A. Yes. Exam fee and coaching fee are included in the Course fee.

Q. How can I determine which course price I should pay?

A. Our consultant will help you in choosing the right course

Q. Will I receive any materials prior to the course?

A. Yes. You will receive the study material on making full payment.

Q. Do Sharaf Aviation Academy courses have pre-requisites? How will I know if I am prepared to register?

A. All SAA Courses require Basic English knowledge. Additional pre-requisites differ from course to course.

Q. Where can I get more information on Sharaf Aviation Academy?

A. You can visit our academy; our consultants will help you with the information.

Q. Do you provide visa and land arrangement?

A. Yes.

Q. Do any Sharaf Aviation Academy Courses provide any accreditation?

A. Yes. All our courses are accredited by concerned authorities and as well as KHDA

Q. What is the minimum age requirement for enrolling?

A. Nothing particular, but not younger than 16 years.

Q. What is the maximum capacity of students per course/classroom?

A. We have a course capacity of 25 students per batch.

Q. What are the term dates for upcoming courses?

A. Term dates differs from course to course, for more information you can contact us.

Q. Where is the academy located?

A. We are located in Sharaf Building, Bur Dubai, before Maktoum Bridge, Closer to Emirates Petrol Station.

Q. Do you provide course counseling?

A. Yes, we will provide the course counseling.

Q. Do you provide extra classes for weak students?

A. Yes, we have extra weekend and fast track batches.

Registration and Bookings

Q. What payment methods are accepted?

A. Payment can be made through Credit Card, Cheque or Cash.

Q. My company is an IATA Member of Airline or Travel Agent, am I entitled to any type of discount?

A. Yes, there is a discount applicable on showing the Employee ID Card. Our consultant will help you.

Cancellation and Changes

Q. How do I make a change to a booking?

A. Consultant will help you in changing the booking for other course as per cancellation. Kindly note that the course fee may vary from time to time and course to course

Q. How do I cancel a booking?

A. Cancellation can be done by sending an email or in person. Cancellation charges may apply as per our cancellation policy.

Q. if it is too late to be refunded for a course, can I apply my payment to another session?

A. Yes. You can complete the course in a following session. Our consultant can guide you on this.

After Course Completion

Q. I have lost my Certificate or Diploma. Can I request a duplicate?

A. Yes, Duplicate of your Certificate or Diploma can be issue on request. There is a fee involved.

Q. Will I have to repeat a course I failed to receive an IATA Certificate?

A. Yes, the coaching charges will be applicable.

Q. When will I receive my Certificate?

A. Between one to two months from the date of examination. Duration differs from course to course.

Q. Do you provide placement opportunities for your students?

A. On successful completion of course, we will provide one week internship and best performers will be called for the placements.

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